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Aquí hay aventuras de pesca únicas y económicas para agregar a su estadía en Villa La Sirena. Boca se mantiene firme con lugares más conocidos como Cabo San Lucas y Loreto.


La Villa La Sirena ,  convenientemente ubicado junto a la flota Boca Fishing Panga, organiza actividades de pesca en la Bahía de Banderas para sus huéspedes. También patrocina, Unique Toes-in-the Sand, viajes de pesca de surf a Playa Mayto, al sur de Boca de Tomatlán.  

  • Panga Trips : Viajes económicos de medio día para 2-4 pescadores. La Villa empareja a los huéspedes para reducir los costos del viaje. Líneas en el agua en solo minutos. Ideal para todos los niveles de pescadores.  Excursiones más largas o de un día completo están disponibles.


  • Pesca de surf : Excursiones de un día con todo incluido a la remota playa de Mayto, conocida por su excelente pesca con caña. Para los más aventureros, te dejan con equipo completo de campamento y equipo de pesca para más días de pesca con una recogida posterior.

No quedarse en Boca, con gusto le sugeriremos un gran Capitán de Panga.

Boca Panga Fishing-Captain Magallon_edit

Captain Hernando Robles
Nickname: Magallon       

Tele & WhatsApp: 52 322 109 7564

Hernando, a true native of Boca, was raised with a deep connection to fishing ingrained in his upbringing. His endearing nickname, Magallon, originates from his Grandpa's recollection of a fish peddler named Magallon whose robust voice echoed similar tones to young Hernando's. From that moment on, he's been known as Magallon.

A devoted family man, Hernando christened his Panga "Mayrln" after his eldest daughter. Like many in Boca, he bears the surname Robles and shares a familial bond with Sergio, another esteemed Captain among our trio.


Despite his remarkable skills, Hernando has relied solely on word-of-mouth for promotion. Through our website, we aim to broaden his reach, allowing more individuals to bask in his infectious smile and wealth of fishing expertise.

Boca Panga Fishing- Captain El Mariachi.jpg

Captain Mario Cesar Quezada
Nickname: El Mariachi

Tele & WhatsApp: 52 322 168 9620

Business name:  Marios Tours Vallarta

Mario is a distinguished figure in Boca, celebrated for his unwavering support of the community and his dedicated activism. With 15 years of extensive fishing expertise and an active role as a tour operator, he possesses a wealth of knowledge in the field.


Mario particularly delights in hosting family groups and imparting his wisdom to young beginners. You might recognize him from the "Fishing with the California Dozen" video, where he's seen enjoying a day out with a family.


As a child, Mario's passion for dancing and strumming his guitar earned him the affectionate nickname "Mariachi loco."

Captain Mario Cesar Quezada Boat_edited.
Boca Panga Fishing -Captain Sergio.jpg

Captain Sergio Robles
Nickname: Sergio

Tele & WhatsApp:

044 322 122 7543

52 322 122 7543

Business name:  Rumseys Tours (on Facebook & Instagram)

Meet Sergio, our seasoned Senior Captain boasting an impressive 35 years of experience, supported by his capable son Christopher. Hailing from Boca, the family's roots run deep in the community. With the Bay of Banduras and its surrounding waters as his second home, Sergio possesses an intimate knowledge of the area. Managing two Pangas, he entrusts another son, Emanuel, to handle one of them, specializing in tours.


Emanuel, also the talented videographer behind the captivating "Pesca Deportiva" video featured on our site, ensures every moment is captured in vivid detail. Like all our Captains, Sergio is fluent in English, ensuring seamless communication for all our guests.


Our Panga-exclusive trips offer both affordability and intimacy. Pricing is structured around the Panga, crew, and equipment, rather than on a per-fisherman basis. To ensure a comfortable experience, we suggest a maximum of 4-5 anglers per trip. Half-day excursions are particularly favored, especially among beginners and families.


Expect typical inshore catches such as Bonito, Dorado, Jack Crevalle, Needlefish, Barracuda, and Roosterfish. Even for non-fishing guests, it's a delightful day spent admiring the picturesque shoreline.


wHAT is A panga?

Specifically designed for servicing villages with no dock facilities.  Great for dropping you at that secluded beach and maneuvering quickly to that fishing spot. The name may come from the Panga fish or the resemblance of the bow to a machete or knife called a Panga.


All our Boca Captains operate 26-foot boats equipped with awnings and comfortable seating. Powered by 75-100 hp motors, these vessels ensure swift transportation to prime fishing locations. Located only a few steps from the Villa and you will be fishing quickly.


Villa La sirena

Acquired in 2021 and meticulously refurbished, this property now provides a lavish Hacienda Boho experience. Conveniently situated for fishing expeditions, it also serves as a convenient meeting point for your angling escapades. Nestled overlooking the Malecon, Panga mooring, and the picturesque convergence of Rio Horcones with the Bay, it offers stunning vistas. With four available apartments, Villa guests can indulge in luxury accommodation.


Villa fishing guests, please use the form below to additional information. Non-Villa guests interested in fishing should reach out directly to one or more of the recommended Captains, finalize their choice, and establish direct contact with them.


reservar un viaje

Boca Panga/Surf Fishing y Villa La Sirena se encuentran en Boca de Tomatlán, Jalisco, México

(11 millas al sur de Puerto Vallarta)

Las aventuras de pesca están asociadas con los huéspedes de Villa La  sirena Para reservar un apartamento y un viaje de pesca contáctenos  por correo electrónico en el formulario.

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